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Time is Money, Efficiency is Life


Time is Money, Efficiency is Life is a research file edited by Claire Louise Staunton, and is an examination of the contemporary art of Shenzhen, China as a form of "future orientated archaeology". Published as part of her residency at the OCAT, Shenzhen, it includes and essay written by the editor with profiles and interviews with artists who have made work in/about Shenzhen since the city's creation.

Includes interviews with Xu Tan, Christian Jankowski, Chu Yun, Jiang Zhi and many more.

More Information

While at OCAT, Claire Louise initiated a research project into the visual culture and art history of Shenzhen. Considering the extraordinary short history of the city (30 years), with a migratory and temporary population, she sought to investigate art practices in past and present to recognise their role in building a cultural identity.

A form of future orientated archaeology, her research will be included in a publication at the end of her residency but is by no means a conclusion to the research project. Claire intends to return to Shenzhen in order to continue her project, working towards finding an alternative means of recognising cultural heritage in the anomaly that is Shenzhen.