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Radio Show - SPACE Studios

September 11 - Take-over

Throughout his exhibition at SPACE Mysterious Cults, Charlie Woolley will broadcast his Radio Show on stage. He has invited Inheritance to programme a day of live performances, talks and music. A three part, thematically arranged programme exploring Host/age, Haunted Sounds and Heritage Radio involving over 30 artists was broadcast live on the 11 September 2010. Programmed with Marianne Mulvey.


Audio and performative responses to the Voces del Secuestro (Hostage Voices), a Colombian radio show dedicated to broadcasting messages from the families of hostages to their loved ones. Felipe Mujica, boyleANDshaw, Rayya Badran, derivelab...

Haunted Sounds

Ambiguities of aural perception, the antichrist hidden in vinyl, communications floating on the airwaves from beyond the grave and the disembodied voice of the Shipping Forecast. Laure Prouvost, Joe Banks, The Haxan Cloak, Gemma Sharpe, Paul Purgas...

Heritage Radio

Aurality of the legal space and premier radiophonic transmission, 1960’s Sputnik interference, analog hardware and a radio play performed live on stage. Lawrence Abu-Hamdan, Ken Hollings, Tai Shani, Tom Richards...

WATCH LIVE: SPACE Studios, 10 Martello Street, London E8 3PE


Felipe Mujica - Let’s Kidnap a Sculpture


A sound work created from text about the artist Vassilakis Takis, who on 3 Jan, 1969, marched into New York’s MoMA, unplugged his kinetic piece Tele sculpture, and retreated to the museum garden with the piece in hand.

Rayya Badran - Moment II


(sound work with text read by Marianne Mulvey)

It is an ungodly hour of the morning. The city feels unusually busy;

early risers dwell the streets. Where is everyone going at this time of day? The radio is now always on. I only tune in to two radio stations in this city, but today I opt for another one. The same archaic voices flood our ears. Jingles, breaking news, dead time, but fortunately the time has come for a song. I could notice from the very beginning of the ride that the transmission was not at its best, I could already discern the

noise of scrambling slowly eating it up. The song disappears, the same revenant voice returns. As if it never disappeared, as if it nested in my radio, impossible to get rid of. The content, however, had changed; I could only pick out variant words. The voice carries on yet the song reappears as the car meanders between the light traffic of early

morning. We enter the city’s narrow streets while the fluctuations of the voice merge with the song.


boyleANDshaw - Come and Gone


(live performance)

A spoken word performance poetically exploring and improvising around Come and Gone, a film script work-in-progress. In a small ex-mining village outside Barnsley, a woman in her early 30’s is still living at home with her parents in their 70s. A parasite in her family home (host), she is held captive by a complex set of immutable laws and rituals. How do we escape the system, or learn it’s codes and infect it virally?


Dérivelab - (g)hostis

(3 man gameshow)

(g)hostis is a discursive game of conversational drift, relying on a set of

simple rules and irreverently exploring some of the more abstruse

districts of theoretical territory. With an experiment in dérive, players

will derive its form from its format: the radio gameshow or disucssion.

If discourse is a series of rules, the distinction between “game” and

“discussion” becomes already less pronounced. In the syntax of radio

the discursive event relies upon the structural elements of a “host” and

a “guest”; a guest whom the structure dictates is in a way “hostage” to

this structure for the duration of the event

Joe Banks - Rorshach Audio


Joe Banks considers research into allegedly supernatural “Electronic Voice Phenomena” (EVP) in light of both anecdotal reports and formal experimental studies of related aspects of human auditory perception.

The Haxan Cloak

(live music)

What the haunted sound like.

Gemma Sharpe - Fitzroy: typhoon coming on

A ghost story and a reflection on lost or aggregated histories, the text

takes on Ian Baucom's thesis that, "time does not pass, it accumulates."

His philosophy of history is outlined via an historical account of the

atrocity on the Zong slave ship in Spectres of the Atlantic. Using

intertexual plagiarism within the narrative, this short story finds the

nightly Shipping Forecast to be the passage for a variety of little


Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Aural Contract: The first radio broadcast of a trial

An expanded presentation of the Aural Contract project in which the

legal space is explored as a sonic medium through an amalgamation of

research techniques that include the construction of radio plays,

performances, texts, interviews and video work.

Tom Richards

(live performance)

Tom Richards experiments with errors. Extracting alternative or

nonsensical electronic functions from familiar objects like TVs, radios,

cine-projectors, lights, turntables, toys and microchips he creates multisensorial sculptures and installations. Using multiple transistor radios as well as his hand made automatic rhythm sequencer and some

automated percussion, Tom Richards will attempt to carve some

musicality into the squelchy fuzzy sounds between stations - mixing

live radio on live radio.

Ken Hollings - Sputnik, McLuhan and the Voices of Space


The year when Sputnik 1 created mass panic in the US and the West with its short-wave beeping also marks the first recorded use of the phrase 'The medium is the message' by Marshall McLuhan addressing a conference of radio operators in Chicago.

Tai Shani - Milky White Light, Inky Black Hole

(radio/stage play)

And now a little picture for the benefit of the listener... 

The actress Maya Lubinsky is in the role of Mona Horne an actress too, she is wearing a beautiful red dress, I sure wish y’all could see it she really does look good enough to eat standing in front of that microphone, she has long butterscotch hair and her lips are redder than red, slightly parted as she waits to commence.

Ladies and Gentlemen this evening she is joined by the handsome Stephen Fowler who will be creating live illustrations throughout and the wonderful and passionate dancer Margarita Zafrilla who will be interpreting the story into movement, as well avant-prog master, the mighty David J Smith who will be responding to the text with a live improvised score.

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen we are about to take off…





14:00-15:30     Host/age

Hosts and hijackers respond to Voces del Secuestro - (Hostage Voices)

Felipe Mujica - sound piece

Larry Achiampong - performance

Rayya Badran - sound piece

Boyle AND Shaw - performance

DeriveLab - game show

15:30-17:00 Haunted Sounds

Exploring ghost voices and ambiguities of aural perception

Laure Prouvost - sound piece

Joe Banks - Rorschach Audio talk with Paul Purgas and Charlie Woolley

Paul Purgas (presentation)

Gemma Sharpe (performance)

The Haxan Cloak (music)

17:00-19:00 Heritage Radio

Radiophonic transmission of legal space, analog radio hardware, Sputnik interference and a radio play.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan - talk

Tom Richards - performance

Ken Hollings - talk

Tai Shani - ‘Milky White Light, Inky Black Hole’ radio play/performance