Inheritance Projects


Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT)


Inheritance Director, Claire Louise Staunton was invited to the Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) as the International Curator-in-Residence. She began a research project into the visual culture of the city of Shenzhen, curated a video and sound performance programme Blind Man and the Sun and the group exhibition Like Ships in the Night. The residency culminated in the publication of the exhibition catalogue and the research file, Time is Money, Efficiency is Life.


More Information

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal(OCAT) of He Xiangning Art Museum was founded in 2005. It was the first contemporary art institution to be established in association with, and administered by, a State-owned art museum in China.

The mission of OCAT is to integrate domestic and overseas resources of contemporary art to promote Chinese contemporary art to an international standard as well as to hasten a range of cultural exchange programmes. OCAT’s exhibition programs, academic seminars, and International Art Residency program will help lay the foundations for a truly professional organization.

OCAT International Art Residency is one the important programs of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT). In each year, OCAT invites five young and experimental artists, critics and curators from the visual arts area for residency in OCAT’s studios. The program aims to create a dynamic platform for multi-disciplinary exchange, synthesize international cultural sources and contribute to the construction and development of Chinese contemporary art system, further to make OCAT an international standard contemporary art organization.