Inheritance Projects


New Towns Project


In December 2012 Inheritance Projects undertook a research trip to Chandigarh, India, the capital of Punjab State designed by Le Corbusier following the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. Whilst there, the project group undertook field research and developed a documentary film with filmmaker James Price of Field Studies.

This research formed part of the ongoing New Towns research project, an investigation into 'newness' as a conditions for making and experiencing contemporary art, explored through the visual culture of intentionally designed urban areas (New Towns) and their historically migrant populations. This research has instigated multiple activities, an imaginary archive, a project space in Shenzhen and an exhibition and research lab at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes.

The ongoing research is propelled by a curious pursuit of the new: the claim of an absolute imposed by architects and planners. Their demand for newness, as a mark of progress, underpinned by a belief in order as its measure, is symbolized in the physical constructions developed in advance of imaginary, future populations. The new works simultaneously erase accidents and appendages, to substitute time and histories. Yet, the notion of newness, of neutrality, of a life with no alleged precedent requires blindness. We want to re-imagine the site of newness, its ‘white wall’, as something structurally dense and problematic, never neutral. We want to understand the temporality of a place and its people who live in insistent newness.

Inheritance are currently working on distilling this latest stage of research. More information soon...