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Community Without Propinquity



Community Without Propinquity is a publication edited by Inheritance Projects as part of the research project and exhibition of the same name. It investigates and attempts to challenge concepts of community in the context of New Towns with a specific focus on the planning and development of Milton Keynes in the UK.

The publication includes material from cultural theory (Jean Luc Nancy, Zygmunt Bauman), urban research (Melissa Butcher) and contemporary art (Celine Condorelli, Emma Heditch). It also includes interviews with public figures in Milton Keynes (Lost & Found Young Person's Group, David Lock), extracts from the planning documents of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (from the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre archives) and documentation of the contemporary artworks brought together by the Community Without Propinquity project as a whole. The cumulative result is a lively debate that traces converging lines across various theoretical understandings and everyday realities of how communities are formed and why, what affects their development and how.



Published by Inheritance Projects with MK Gallery using AND Public
Co-produced by AND and An Endless Supply
Designed by Endless Supply
Printed by Endless Supply and Pure Print
Bound on-site by Becky Ayre, Laura Guy, Claire Louise Staunton & others
Copy Edited by Gerrie Van Noord
Design consultant: Jon Ross Le Haye

ISBN 978-1-908452-10-8


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