Inheritance Projects


Contextual Archive 图书馆

Public Library/Archive

In the gallery space of INH-SZ is a publicly acessible contextual library/archive to theoretically situate the project and exhibitions. This will include a catalogued collection of:

- Literature relevant to themes of urbanism, globalization, migration, displacement

- Publications focused on art production in Shenzhen and China

- Archive of Shenzhen exhibitions and biennials

- Chinese & English language texts

With consultation from the Asia Art Archive.



- 与城市化全球化移民流离失所这些主题相关的文学著作

- 关于深圳与中国艺术产业的图书馆

- 关于深圳展览与双年展的文献

- 中文与英文

- 公众可参与的