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About INH-SZ 传承 - 项目空间


Inheritance – Shenzhen 传承 - 项目空间 is a temporary non-profit project space in the heart of Bai Shi Zhou (白石洲), an urban village in Shenzhen, southwest China. Located in a 120m2 former tea shop, INH-SZ 传承 - 项目空间 will host an exhibition, performance, music and film programme, commission new artworks, foster collaborations between local and international artists and build a publicly accessible contextual library from December 2009 until April 2010.

The inaugural exhibition Permanent Migrants' was an official satellite project of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

Dec 2009 - May 2010

OPEN Thurs - Sun

13:00 - 20:00

传承 - 项目空间


传承:深圳 是个非营利项目空间。位于中国深圳的白石洲,传承:深圳 180平方米空间的前身是家商铺,但自2009年12月至2010年4月,此空间将化身成为多元化的艺文中心,举办展览、表演、音乐、电影、赞助新作品、鼓励当地和国际艺术


作为一个临时、可移动的项目空间,传承:深圳 的目的是提出关于一个新建立的 城市本身的艺术史和视觉文化的相关问题。本项目将探讨历史渊源、自愿式移居、经 济移民,身份以及性别政治等等,透过艺术和策展方式和一个非永久性的城市建立永久性的关系。

传承:深圳 对外开放,并举办不带有干扰性质的公共活动,邀请当地居民 欣赏当地艺术家在本地创作的艺术。本项目也包含与深圳学校和做的工作坊,同时和 当地大学合作进行关于当地艺术家的研究和发展,并结伴当地居民完成 即兴公共艺术作品。传承:深圳 的主旨是以平易近人的方式,引导白石洲以及深圳居民认识这个年轻城市的丰富艺术文化资产。

传承:深圳 项目空间受香港/深圳城市建筑双年展邀请,将于12月7日同时开幕,开幕展主题:永久移民传承:深圳 将开放至2010年4月,并将再展出2位中国艺术家,以及一位国际艺术家的新作品。


INH-SZ More Info

Proposed as a temporary and potentially mobile project space, the mission of INH-SZ 传承深圳 is to demand urgent questions about the art history and visual culture of the new and migrant city. Accessing such issues as history making, voluntary displacement and exile, economic migrancy, identity and gender politics through artistic and curatorial practices - Inheritance Projects hopes that this is only one element of a permanent engagement with the impermanent city.

INH-SZ 传承深圳 has an open door policy with an unobtrusive but active public programmes, inviting the local population to see in a local context, the artistic practices of artists who live and work in the city. There will be workshops with Shenzhen schools and universities, research and development of local artists and unstructured happenings involving the nearby residents and merchants. It is fundamental to INH-HZ 传承深圳 that the habitants of Bai Shi Zhou and wider Shenzhen have the opportunity to experience art without feeling patronized or excluded in order to recognize the artistic heritage of the young city.

The INH-SZ 传承深圳 project space has been invited to open alongside the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture one the 6th of December with the inaugural exhibition Permanent Migrants. INH-SZ 传承 will be open until at least April 2010 and will include new commissions from 2 Chinese and 1 visiting artist.

INH-SZ 传承深圳 holds an expanding contextual archive, that is publicly accessible and both Chinese and English. The library acts as a theoretical context for the project for those who wish to read more about exhibitions in Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta, urbanism, contemporary Chinese art and alternative art spaces.