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Exhibition: The Narrators 陈述者

The Narrators 陈述者


The final activity to take place at the INH-SZ project space is The Narrators, an exhibition of new commissions, one old work and one work in progress by artists from China and the wider world. Each of the participants has been invited to contribute to the exhibition, acting as narrators in the gallery space, or of the city village of Bai Shi Zhou and Shenzhen through their artwork. The photographs, installations and objects act as narrative tools, recounting characters’ lives, the history of a specific geographical area, its future and the artist’s relation to it.

Connecting the past with the present is Mathieu Borysevicz (USA). His work, telling a migrant family’s story that starts and returns to Shenzhen. Borysevicz’s work speaks of the persistent resonance in family history that even temporary residency can have. Similarly, Xu Tan’s video work depicts a man from another time singing his story of another place.

Both Loch Lo Chi Kit (HK) and Bai Xiaoci (CN) use the documentary format as a way of storytelling; their work making use of both first-hand research and photography as a means of illustrating certain characters and their stories. Huang Xiaopeng’s (CN/UK) new work acts as a pretext for the rest of the exhibition. Making use of language games and shop signs, he interrogates visitors, passers-by and the artists about the truth in their own stories and narratives.

While narrators often tell of times passed, Kingsley Ng (HK) offers stories of a time to come. His predictive work projects us into a future where Windows of The World (the theme park visible from the front of the gallery) spawns a second park, WOTWII, which is set to take over the whole of Bai Shi Zhou. Ng’s work is takes on a less humorous mood upon the realization that 70% of the city village is marked for destruction in the coming years. His work will outlast the exhibition and the project space with signage for WOTWII around the village.

Chilean artist Felipe Mujica’s project asks volunteers to make their own modernist sculptures and to document the process. The sculptures themselves become narrative devices; employed to tell a certain kind of story. Their presence outside of the gallery coupled with the documentary photographs within the space are multiple and clashing stories of dislocation, at the same time temporal, geographical and cultural. Importantly, the artist, living in America, has never visited the gallery space and never will. His artwork attempts to tell a story of a place from a distance.

Artist Weng Wei (CN) travels from Beijing to Bai Shi Zhou with her ongoing project Antimapping: Cultural Synesthesia ( Crossing the boundaries of medium and geography, Wei makes use of photography, sound, illustration and other medium to compose non-linear narrative works. Experimenting with storytelling, she will use the gallery and online space to narrate fiction from her travels from the north to Shenzhen, rehearsing a journey familiar to nearly all of Shenzhen’s migrant residents.

The exhibition will also host Per Hüttner’s (SE) new work in progress, Immanent. The artwork is comprised of 5 different films, shot in various geographical locations and numerous actors but one a single story. They are set in a world that is at once our own, but is also a world where a great change is about to take place. It will be installed in the place where it was filmed and the complete work will shown at FCAC, Shanghai in May 2010.

During the exhibition period, the gallery will be open Saturday and Sundays only. 13:00-20:00 Following the exhibition, INH-SZ will close forever. Many thanks to all who have supported and encouraged us.

Cultural Synesthesia

Project Cultural Synesthesia navigates the viewer through a narrative fiction across multiple platforms including gallery installation, photography, and online illustrations at Remarking on the site-specific nature of work-in-progress, the artist uses gallery and virtual space to explore the making of artworks in relation to the meaning of mapping.
Cultural Synesthesia is a two-fold installment commissioned by Inheritance Projects for the INHSZ temporary project space’s final exhibition in Shenzhen.  The commission consists of an online collection of color coded double exposure photographs taken in China, Thailand and Myanmar; in the gallery space, a wall drawing advertises artist’s website in a fitful display using photographic cutouts of curator Claire Louise Staunton’s eyes.  Under the premise of Cultural Synesthesia artist encourages simultaneous references to both real and virtual sites, and disrupts ideas of curation with collaborative narration.

项目《文化通感》横跨多重媒介平台。艺术家运用空间装置,摄影,和网站幻灯系列 同时叙事。艺术家通过项目空间和虚拟空间,关注艺术创作工作进展中的具体性,和讨论映像在制作艺术品中的意义。作为深圳传承项目空间的委任项目,《文化通感》同时由两个部分组成。 在网站上,《文化通感》呈现一组经过彩色编码整理的双重曝光图片,拍摄于中国,泰国和缅甸;在项目空间,作品Claire-voyance 把策展人的眼睛,用凌乱方式剪贴成一幅墙上绘画的同时,推销艺术家的网站。艺术家用合作叙事的方式介入策展空间,呈现真实和虚拟《文化通感》主题。

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